The Team

Husband of Jeanette, Tom has spent his entire life waiting to be called in as a substitute for guitarist Angus Young of AC/DC. In the meantime, Tom has filled his waiting time authoring four business books and has spent the last 18 years working with and training groups of executives all around the world. This is something that Tom is still actively engaged with and you can find out more at

Tom’s role is one of evangelist, alchemist and focusing on getting Sandhills in front of all of the right people and places. He loves thinking up new combinations of botanicals and flavours which he and Brian debate for hours as they consider new seasonal gin and spirit ideas.

Sandhills has been created by both experimenting with different botanicals and working with leading flavour specialists and experts in the industry to ensure that the finished product had our own unique DNA but also the sophistication and pedigree that only many years of experience can bring.

Biggest challenge: Getting comfortable with being too old for a t shirt and too young for a comfortable cardigan.


Wife of Tom and arch marketing pragmatist, Jeanette makes sure we are looking our best at all the right events (both as a brand and as individuals) and she also keeps us on track with all of those things that sometimes slip our minds. Jeanette has had many years experience arranging large corporate events and, in addition to Sandhills Gin, manages a corporate property portfolio and a charitable trust. Jeanette is driven by ‘community’ and all things local. She is often out promoting Sandhills as ‘the dog walkers gin’ ably assisted by Poppy. By her own admission, Jeanette is a willing but somewhat ‘lightweight’ gin taster!

Biggest challenge: To write an achievable to 'To Do' list.

Long standing family friend and a proper firefighter by trade, Brian simply loves gin. Nothing makes him happier than working with the cold vacuum distiller to create new distillates. He also has an eye for detail and process – something critical when quality and consistency are so important. Brian was so committed to understanding the Hybrid Distilling process we now use, he started by making his own vacuum distillation unit from scratch! He has worked with both Tom and a team of leading flavour specialists to help refine the final recipe for Sandhills Gin. Brian is father of two energetic boys and a keen follower of Tour de France for over 10 years, having himself conquered Mt. Ventoux in the French Alps twice on his bike.

Biggest challenge: Looking beyond the fire risk potential.

Poppy just worries about things…dinner, squirrels invading the garden, is everyone in sight. It’s these important things that make her a key member of the team. As a guard dog she has room for improvement and she has a few less brain cells than some of the botanicals we use in our gin recipe but we wouldn’t be without her. She is often to be found out walking with Tom & Jeanette promoting 'the dog walkers gin'.

Biggest challenge: Knowing her limitations.